Wednesday, March 11, 2009 | Author: Going Local
We had our third trial week about Bisco Misr's products.

Here are some of what the people said.

"My morning cup of tea is incomplete without Bisco Misr's Lux. The taste is just great.
I think they should work some more on the looks of their products."

"i am concerned about the quality control for bisco misr precisely, i mean you can buy a lux biscuits packet from two different places, they will taste different, thats what i think, but on the other hand most of the time it tastes good although it is different :)"

"I LOVE LUX and elbaskoot bel3agwa (it's the best around - just the right amount of texture & sweetness!)...of course the packaging is a bit outdated but the taste makes up for it...they have lots of other products too can you guys remind us what they are so we can rate them?
Also I don't know about quality might be that the expiry date is closer and thats why the taste is stale..."

"بالنسبة لبسكوت "لوكس" ليا عليه تحفظات بشأن الطعم
بسكوت رمسيس بسكوت رائع ولكن مع الازمة الاقتصادية قلله الشيكولاتة اللى فيه فبقى سخيف

بجد لازم يشتغلوا شوية على التسويق والجودة وايه المشكلة يبقى فيه منتج محترم ولو غالى دلوقتى المنتج الكويس بيتقدر والناس بتقبل عليه عشان جودته فليه منستغلش الموضوع ده"

"We had a little office tasting session and this is our collective feedback:
Pricing: 10/10
Packaging: 4/10
Quality: 7/10 - Not very consistent
Variety: 9/10
Distribution: 4/10 (could only find the four products below out of a really wider product offering claimed by the website)."

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On October 10, 2011 at 2:33 PM , Salma Punsho said...

أنا مش بلاقي بسكوت رمسيس خااااااالص

On December 12, 2011 at 2:14 AM , Anonymous said...

انا معاك ان جوده البسكوت قلت ودى سياسهاقتصاديه للمصانع بدل ما يغلو البسكوت بيقللو حجمه وجودته ودا استخفاف بالناس

On December 12, 2011 at 2:26 AM , Anonymous said...

حتى الشمعدان الاحمر كان له طعم تانى من 10 سنين بس بسكوت كتاكيتو جميل وبجنيه ونص عشان كده غالى برضو سياسه بيع