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Ten years ago, when I would hear someone mention Lotfy, the first thing that used to come to mind was school, but now when it is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is "Great Management". For over 50 years, Egyptian shoe store Lotfy has been a source of not only high-quality shoes, but also excellent customer service. Unlike many shoe stores, Lotfy provides shoes you can wear to work, to the club , formal shoes or just anything you can put on and go for both genders.

Not only are the shoes of good quality, they also look good, they have managed to stay up to date with trends, without raising their prices to have a competitive advantage over other trendy shoe stores.

One last thing worthy of mention about Lotfy Shoe Stores, is that their customer come first, even when the store is crowded, the salespeople are always polite and focuses. They would actually take the time to tell their customer that they will be with them in a minute. They have a clear exchange and return policy and are always willing to listen to customer complaints in case of exchange or returns, and comply by the rules of Consumer Protection Agencies

To know more about them, or where the branches are located check their website:
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