Thursday, March 05, 2009 | Author: Going Local
A new facebook initiative invites you to fight back and demand your rights.

Their mission:

1. Expose all the shops/businesses that have a reputation for putting many people through disturbing or humiliating shopping experiences.

2. Become a well established reference of all the shops that everyone living/visiting Egypt should NOT shop at.

How to interpret information on this group:

1. A business with one bad mention on the group does not necessarily mean a bad business. Most probably its a single bad employee. So please help the business to eliminate him, and name him!

2. A business with several bad experiences, probably means that the shop's management sucks! You should be careful before choosing to deal with them.

3. A business with a huge list of horrible customer experiences, probably means you should never ever enter the shop, even if they are the only shop in Egypt selling that product.

In a problem now, and need emergency help:

1. Call Consumer Protection Service ("7'edmet 7emayet 2el Mostahlek"):

Telephone (call from land-line): 19588
Telephone: 02-33055762/5/8
Fax Number: 02-35380384

They operate from 9am - 5pm all days except Friday. They will only take action after receiving a fax with your story and a copy of your receipt.

2. Always keep your receipts, and call within 14 days of purchase.
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