Monday, February 02, 2009 | Author: Going Local
Q: Who are we?
A: A bunch of young Egyptian citizens with no political agenda who want Egyptian products to go global.

Q: What is the aim of this initiative?
A: It is an invitation to support Egyptian goods and services. This initiative has three main aims:
1) To promote the quality Egyptian brands and goods out there; encourage them to expand their market base and assist them to overcome being over-shadowed by the more prominent international brands.
2) To emulate a citizen driven consumer protection agency; make sure your voices are heard and your complaints reach the Egyptian manufacturers.
3) To identify profitable investment opportunities for young Egyptian investors; directing them to products and services not provided locally.

Q: Why should I buy the bad quality Egyptian product, which by the way is over-priced most of the time?
A: You shouldn't! That's not the objective of this initiative. We don't believe in commending that kind of behaviour on the part of incompetent inefficient producers. Our aim is to promote the hidden stars and to push the average products into improving. We are demanding higher quality, better packaging and more competitive pricing.

Q: What do you want me to do?
A: Try a new Egyptian product or service every day. Write in, let us know what you thought. Keep using the ones that you consider good value for money and dump the rest. Just let us know, so more of us can use the good ones and we can veer away from potential traps.

Q: What qualifies as local?
A: For our purpose there are different levels of local; we've listed them here sorted from most local to least local in our opinion:
1) Locally manufactured goods for a local brand.
2) Locally assembled good under a local brand. (PCs and technology products usually).
3) Locally manufactured goods for a global brand. (A product that says Made In Egypt).
4) Locally assembled products for international brands. (This being as loose a definition as we are willing to go).

Q: How can I reach you?
A: E-mail us at buyegypt@gmail.com; drop us a comment on the blog or the facebook group. Send us photos of the products you like, product reviews, complaints, comments, or whatever else you'd like to throw our way.

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